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Never a dull moment, try your luck or show your worth in our all-in-one gaming platforms.

Offering a variety of interactive gaming experiences:


Play 2 Earn

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Self-Sustaining Ecosystem

GameHub offers a unique utility fee structure that will 100% be used to benefit holders and players. Every game played will support the chart and add to reward pools, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem.

For every Multiplayer, PVP, and PVC game played, a small fee will be paid. That fee will be divided into the following: 

  • 33% Buyback and burn $Gamehub token.
  • 33% Buyback $Gamehub tokens to add to the P2E reward pool and house wallet.
  • 33% Referral Share


utility fee structure

revenue streams

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Telegram Interactive Games Platform

The go-to place on telegram to relax and take a short break from trading.Explore our variety of high end games and find your match. Play against your friends or try to set a new high-score on one of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) leaderboards.

Cloud-Based Gaming Hub

Web-based gaming platform with custom build multiplayer and Play-to-Earn (P2E) action, integrated with crypto payments system and live community features.  There will be weekly competitions, theme-nights and lottery elements. The go-to place for crypto gaming enthusiasts. 


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Why Choose Us

At GameHub, we are building to become your go-to crypto gaming platform. Coming with years of experience, taking a professional approach, every step we take

All-in-one crypto gaming platform

Providing a big variety of gamemodes and games. With GameHub, people are able to play against friends online or try their luck in our PlayerVersusComputer and Play2Earn modes. GameHub aims to constantly innovate and deliver new games and competitions to keep the community engaged, and keep competitors on their toes.

Transparent and professional

Transparency and professionalism towards investors and gamers is one of our top priorities. GameHub aims to set the new standard in the world of crypto gaming. Onboarding professionals and adopting business structures and strategies to work towards a long-term successful corporation.

Unlimited benefits

At Gamehub, we understand that our success is determined by the community. 100% of the fees gained from Gamehub’s utilities will be used to continuously reward players and investors. Next to benefitting from the fee structure, Gamehub will offer various extra ways to keep the community engaged. 

Frequently Asked Question

Your Quick Guide to Clarity

Using the In-Chat Gaming Bot, start a game in your private chat with friends, choose the game you want to play and decide on the stakes. The pot is handed over to the champion!

Our community members receive a 2% income share, providing gamers with a clear financial advantage. Your participation and contributions to the Game Hub ecosystem determine your share.

At the moment, cryptocurrency is utilized to distribute Play-to-Earn prizes. However, we are currently exploring methods for the conversion of rewards to fiat currency and to increase the flexibility for our players.

There are no subscription costs, and it is free to join Game Hub, but 4% of the overall game money is dedicated to the Treasury Wallet and directed towards the Play-to-Earn pool and community prizes.